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GoGas Limited with more than 20 years experience of portable gas appliance development; was purchased by the Bollin Group in 2006. Go Gas is committed to technological advancement in the specialist portable gas appliance market. The new professional product development programme covers, a variety of blow torches & portable gas stoves; all designed and tested to comply with relevant European and international standards. Quality and performance are paramount, and component parts are constantly monitored to ensure each unit is fit for purpose.

GoGas Ltd owns and operates a fully automated, sate of the art, KP Aerofil gas filling plant. It is certified for filling and testing non-refillable gas cartridges to the European standard EN417. All gas is specially formulated premium mix of butane, propane and iso-butane, which enhances cold weather performance. GoGas Ltd ensures that all cartridges produced are fitted wit h a double skin safety valve, to the EN417 standard. Go Gas Ltd also has a contract filling facility which is utilised by other brands within the industry.